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Quality Assurance

At AWQC quality is our focus. You can be assured that we are looking after your sample and your interests. Our Business Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2008 and many of our test methods are accredited by NATA, highlighting our organisations focus on delivering a quality product.

The AWQC also supports external proficiency programs. To ensure that our work practices meet the highest standard, we also have an independent internal Analytical Quality Control laboratory which runs programs covering a majority of our tests ensuring the quality of our data.

When critical operational decisions are based on the results of analytical testing, it's important that these results are accurate. This requires a rigorous quality approach which starts at the collection of customers requirements, through to undertaking of sampling and the analytical process providing the data for your final report.

Our investment in our quality management systems, technology, R&I and staff ensure that we are and will remain a leader in our industry.

The validity of test results is monitored by a comprehensive Analytical Quality Control (AQC) program and participation in interlaboratory proficiency testing programs. The AQC program is maintained by a separate unit at the AWQC, independent of the routine analytical units. This service can be made available to other laboratories, with programs tailored to individual needs. For example, AQC programs are provided for water and wastewater treatment plant laboratories in South Australia. Other services can include instrument calibration and supply of standard solutions.