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Nutrients - Phosphorous and Nitrogen

Nitrogen and Phosphorous are both essential nutrients for the growth of plants – including algae. The forms of Nitrogen commonly analysed are Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and Organic Nitrogen. Some sources of Nitrogen enrichment may include fertilizers (rural and urban areas), animal wastes (farms and feed lots) and sewage. The forms of Phosphorous commonly analysed are Filterable Reactive Phosphorus (FRP) and Total Phosphorous.  Sources of Phosphorus enrichment may include some detergents, fertilisers (rural and urban areas), animal faeces (farms and feed lots), sewage and some industrial wastes. Determining the various forms of Nitrogen and Phosphorous present in water assists in process control and can be used to assess the potential impacts of algae. Algae can cause undesirable tastes and odours in water. Nutrients are analysed using discrete analysers, automatic flow analysers and a flow injection analyser (FIA).

Increasingly, AWQC advise customers to consider field filtration as a means to preserve samples before analysis.

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