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Seawater and Marine Environments

The AWQC recognises the importance of providing a service that can accurately and reliably detect the presence of contaminants in a variety of matrices. The AWQC has applied its knowledge of saline and seawater matrices to determine the right method for each parameter and ensure any interferences are mitigated.

AWQC has experience in

  • Sample collection and on-site monitoring, including provision of boats and qualified operators for these services
  • Water quality testing
  • Water quality and ecological modelling
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Assessment of the ecological effects of nutrients and other contaminants on receiving waters

Analytical techniques to support the operation of Desalination Treatment Processes

  • The use of Flow Cytometry for the enumeration of total and live bacteria in seawater as a more sensitive measurement of biological particle penetration during pretreatment
  • Bacterial Regrowth Potential (BRP) for the measurement of relative growth of indigenous bacteria and predicting the onset of Reverse Osmosis fouling

Water Quality monitoring to provide a baseline assessment and to inform treatment plant design  

  • Establishment of pilot plant programs and analysis of samples to ensure effectiveness of treatment process
  • Assessment of Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs), including brominated and iodinated DBPs produced as a result of treatment processes of saline waters
  • Extraction of Trace Metals in Saline Water by Chelation and Preconcentration to obtain low levels of reporting
  • Analysis of a variety of nutrient species from all water matrices
  • Specialised analyses for total organic carbon and dissolved organic carbon in seawater and concentrated seawater from various stages of desalination process.
  • Analyses of organochlorine (OC) and organophosphorous (OP) pesticides and herbicides in seawater
  • Microscopic analysis of the composition and abundance of marine phytoplankton in untreated waters and spectrophotometric analysis of chlorophyll as a measure of phytoplankton biomass