Research and Innovation Services

SA Water undertakes research to generate and implement new knowledge and technology to drive efficiency, performance improvement and innovation for the benefit of our business and our customers. Essentially the business of delivery of water and wastewater services and associated activities are technology intensive activities. This requires us to generate and apply new knowledge to support infrastructure decisions and capital investment; to develop new ways to deal with water quality issues, environmental and public health risks; and to evaluate, develop and transfer new technologies into operational outcomes.

The SA Water Research and Innovation program reflects the goals of our corporate vision of:

'meeting all challenges to deliver safe, sustainable and affordable water services for the community'.

SA Water's Research and Innovation activity is supported by a strategic planning process that identifies current risks and future knowledge gaps and prioritises issues to develop a research program to address these challenges. The research and investigation work is undertaken both internally and through partnerships and alliances with other water utilities, universities and external research providers, both locally, nationally and internationally. The challenges to the water industry and therefore the research landscape in Australia and globally are changing, with a focus on emerging issues associated with alternative water sources, energy efficiency, desalination, and potential impacts of climate variability combined with the need for cost-effective delivery of water and wastewater services for future sustainable cities. This is in addition to the on-going challenges of water quality management, wastewater treatment and effective infrastructure and asset management.

Wastewater Reuse

Filamentous Bacteria
FRNA phage
Trade Waste
Volatile Fatty Acids

Product Testing

Product Testing