Goyder Institute

The Goyder Institute is Established in Adelaide

George W. Goyder was Surveyor General for South Australia from 1861 -1893. Over many years of careful study Goyder proposed a line should be drawn in the North of South Australia beyond which he predicted agriculture could not be sustainably practiced. The line became known as "Goyder's line of rainfall". In the 1870's, and because of good rains, there was some settlement north of the line, however within a few years these properties failed due to the return of more normal weather patterns for the area. With the benefit of a further 150 years of data it can be said that for the most part Goyder's line still holds good today.

How fitting then that a new water research institute announced by the SA State Government in June 2010 should bare George Goyder's name.

The Goyder Institute for Water Research will provide independent scientific advice on South Australia's water systems. In a state that is facing declining water availability and quality, the Goyder Institute will improve the State Government's ability to forecast threats to water security and develop an integrated approach to watch management.

The Institute is a partnership between the State Government, CSIRO, the University of Adelaide, UniSA, Flinders University, the South Australian Research and Development Institute and the Australian Water Quality Centre of SA Water. The State Government is providing $25 million over five years which will be matched in kind by the partners.

So far 4 major projects have been approved:

  1. Managed Aquifer Recharge and Urban Stormwater use Options, led by CSIRO, $1.065M funding.
  2. Facilitating Long-Term Outback Water Solutions, led by CSIRO, $1.3M funding.
  3. Development of an Agreed Set of Climate Projections for SA, led by UniSA, $3.3M funding.
  4. Murray Darling Basin Plan Science Review, led by CSIRO & the Department for Water, $0.18M funding.

The AWQC has involvement in projects 1 and 3. In project 1 we have representation on the Technical Advisory Committee (Alexandra Keegan). SA Water had a major role in formulating project 3 and Olivia Thorne will be the leader of one of the 4 sub-projects.