Taiwan Collaborations

National Cheng Kung University

The Biology Research Group at AWQC has built up a very strong and enduring collaborative link with the Department of Environmental Engineering School at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). This is one of the top technical universities in Taiwan and is located in the city of Tainan. The link has been principally with Professor Tsair-Fuh Lin and his group in this school. This is a dynamic group and they are focussed in similar issues and problems for the water industry around the management of cyanobacteria and the toxin and taste and odour problems that they generate for water supplies.

The collaboration extends back over the last 7 years and during that time Professor Lin and six of his students (PhD and Masters) have visited the AWQC for periods of up to 6 months each to work on a range of joint projects. In return a number of AWQC staff have visited and worked at the University for different periods and have also had the opportunity to work and exchange information with water utilities in Taiwan.

This relationship was instrumental in both SA Water and NCKU being involved as founding members of a new International Water Association specialist group on Lake and Reservoir Management that was formed in 2009. This group fosters knowledge sharing for both research purposes and to advance the practical management of reservoirs.

Major Projects

The joint projects with NCKU have included research into

  • sources of tastes and odours in reservoirs and assessment and development of algaecides that can be used as an alternative to copper sulphate.
  • worked jointly on management practices and guidelines for the Taiwan EPA.
  • investigating the use of "sediment capping" in reservoirs to reduce phosphorus loading and prevent the growth of nuisance cyanobacteria.

This work has resulted in a range of joint publications and presentations at numerous conferences and workshops.