Customer Value and Water Quality

Overview of Program

Managed by Dr Gayle Newcombe, this team develops strategies and undertakes projects to understand and influence customer expectations and deliver valued services that enhance customer satisfaction. The group is working closely with SA Water's Customer and Community Relations team to initiate a cost effective survey strategy to determine customer satisfaction with water quality and is contributing to the development of the Customer Research & Engagement Strategy. The establishment of this research focus in Research and Innovation Services reflects the importance of the key priority area of "Customers and Community" to SA Water.

Capabilities and expertise

  • Management of the toxins, tastes and odours associated with cyanobacteria
  • Development and implementation of treatment plant investigative and research sampling programs to support the application of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines in relation to cyanobacterial metabolites
  • Development of education materials and programs around water treatment and water quality  for the national water industry
  • Customer engagement and education around water quality issues

Current and previous projects

  • Social perceptions of chlorine, geosmin and 2-MIB in drinking water
  • Assessing, understanding and influencing customer perceptions of water quality
  • Analysis and integration of customer satisfaction data, customer complaints and water monitoring associated with aesthetic water quality
  • Development of tools for the assessment and management of aesthetic and health risks associated with cyanobacteria
  • Developing integrated models for the removal of tastes and toxins through our major water treatment plants