Sensor Technology and Assets

Overview of Program

Managed by Dr Chris Chow, this group addresses business needs in the Sensors, Technology and Assets Research space. The sensor component focuses on implementation of novel real-time analytical techniques for water quality monitoring and operational process optimisation. Technology covers the application of new innovative technological ideas, such as advanced data management/computing solutions, use of new devices for operational tasks (e.g. drones, mobile phone / tablet computing applications), and better integration and interfacing of existing technologies to improve business outcomes. Asset Research aims to develop processes to improve the operation and maintenance of key assets, in addition to providing decision making support for new asset investment decisions.

Capabilities and expertise

  • On-line monitoring and various analytical techniques related to water quality investigation and process optimisation
  • water treatment technology
  • natural organic matter
  • disinfection control, disinfection by-products
  • distribution system management, distribution system modelling

Current and previous projects

  • Whyalla WRP Influent Online Monitoring –C4794
  • River Murray Stormwater Monitoring - C9765
  • Comparative study of online free chlorine, total chlorine/monochloramine and ammonia Monitors –CRCWQT 2501
  • Development of a low cost online monitoring package to improve chloramination control – CRCWQT 2317
  • Development of a Predictive alum dosing control system (PADCS) using feed forward online water quality analysers – C8913, C8914, C8915
  • Development of mobile phone applications to improve version control and useability of water treatment optimisation models - R&I Implementation Plan