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The poo detectives

The Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC )is using ground-breaking DNA technology to identify the source of faecal contamination in water sources. By tracking environmental DNA we can determine which animal (or organism) is present in, or impacting, a particular water source. All that is required to identify organisms are 1 litre samples of water or 1 gram samples of soil ...


Australian Water Quality Centre - Melbourne Laboratory

In response to customer demand, AWQC is pleased to open its Melbourne laboratory to better service the time-critical analytical needs of the Victorian water industry. With over 80 years’ experience, our specialist water utility services are dedicated to ensuring public health through the measurement and analysis of water and wastewater, across the complete water cycle.


Soil Testing – AWQC places the pedal to the metal

Trace and heavy metals occur naturally in soils and rocks. Increasingly, human activities (industrial pollution) are contributing higher quantities of these metals into the environment and, as they accumulate, both human and environmental health can ultimately suffer. Possible sources of metal pollution into the ecosystem include combustion of fossil fuels, municipal waste incineration, industrial processes producing wastewater and emitting pollutants ...

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AWQC - Adelaide
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Centre for Medical Research
Level 5 / 1H Royal Parade
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