DNA testing

Leaders in the field of microbiological testing and analysis of water matrices, we have an excellent record of developing and validating more effective testing methods for the detection of waterborne pathogens to protect public health.

Using our advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) DNA testing methods, we can help you optimise your water quality management.

DNA (also known as molecular) testing methods are key to understanding your water contamination risks, rapidly resolving water quality issues, and making informed decisions to prevent waterborne disease outbreaks.

Our DNA database of waterborne pathogens is the most extensive in Australia and we have developed DNA testing methods provide drinking water suppliers with unrivalled test results for a broad range of applications.

We offer a full suite of molecular analyses for targeting input from microbiological and biological sources into water, from source water to treated water. These include:

Ultimate guide to molecular testing for waterborne pathogens

Discover how the latest DNA testing innovations are key to fully understanding water contamination risks, resolving water quality issues, and preventing waterborne disease outbreaks.