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Our Capabilities

We can provide our customers so much more than test results. Our world-renowned analytical, research and advisory services will find solutions to the issues you are encountering in areas such as: algal management, environmental impact assessment, microbiology, disinfection and water treatment systems, source water quality management and water treatment plant design and process optimisation.

Our capabilities include:

Environmental / natural water

  • Assessment of the Environmental Water Requirements of water dependant ecosystems
  • Assessment of water quality of reservoirs, rivers, creeks, farm dams, bores and coastal waters
  • Assessment of impacts of discharges to marine and freshwater environments
  • Assessment of flora and fauna to improve wetlands management

Drinking water

  • Monitoring of drinking waters for compliance with national and international quality guidelines
  • Advice to assist operators in the management of water quality within distribution systems
  • Research into the management of water quality distribution

Water and wastewater treatment

  • Advice concerning the optimisation of treatment processes
  • Assistance to industry in wastewater management
  • Research on alternate treatment methods
  • Investigation of techniques for the management of taste and odour compounds, algal toxins, and disinfection by-products


  • Monitoring of the quality of wastewaters, sediments and sludges
  • Advice on the re-use of effluent and sludge
  • Assessment of the impact of waste discharges on the receiving environment

Australian Standards Testing

  • Testing of products in contact with drinking water for compliance with AS/NZ