Water sampling

Our NATA accredited field sampling services are provided by experienced staff with fully equipped vehicles, with specialist sampling teams available for specific surveys.

With a comprehensive courier system and sampling personnel in remote locations, we have the tools and experience to provide you with high-quality water sampling services.

Our team covers the distance

Each month, our Field Services team collectively visit over 4,000 sampling locations, collects up to tens of thousands of samples, and undertakes up to 15,000 field tests in South Australia and Victoria.

Our technicians each cover an average of 75,000 km per year routinely sampling all types of water from locations including:

  • wastewater - wastewater treatment plants and recycled water systems
  • source water - reservoirs, rivers/streams and groundwater
  • potable supplies - water treatment plants, distribution systems, storage facilities and customer taps
  • marine and freshwater boat surveys
  • mine sites, power stations, food and beverage industries
  • hospitals - collection of legionella samples from dialysis machines and hot water systems
  • residential - rainwater and private groundwater bores
  • remote communities - non-potable systems
  • effluent lagoons and wetlands

Water quality incidents

Our teams can be mobilised around the clock in response to water quality issues and incidents. Our team responds to:

  • customer sample requests
  • follow up service with repeat samples
  • routine boat surveys,
  • environmental observations,
  • event based sampling
  • research and investigative based sampling

Partner with us to protect public health