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Algal Management

Our expertise in the fields of algal/cyanobacterial taxonomy, ecology, toxicity and algal bloom management has arisen from many years of research and development activities, transfer to operational monitoring programs and the delivery of consultancy services.

For these reasons, we are well-placed to provide our customers with expert interpretation of algal analytical results and advice on a broad range of algal issues.

We have a proven track record in the investigation and resolution of water quality incidents involving noxious blooms of cyanobacteria in both potable and recreational waters for numerous water authorities. Our services include:

  • the assessment of algae population growth dynamics and bloom potential from chemical and physical datasets
  • hydrodynamic modelling of water movement and water quality
  • in situ fluorescence profiling of photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll and phycocyanin) to determine the spatial distribution of blooms
  • evaluation of growth control strategies in source water, and
  • the effectiveness of cell, toxin and metabolite removal by water filtration processes.

Examples of our consultancy services include in situ profiling of cyanobacterial blooms and the evaluation of phoslock treatment to control cyanobacterial growth in reservoirs.