A new test for testing times - Cryptosporidium

The Source Water & Environment Research Team, in collaboration with the Catchment Management Team and Water Research Australia, has developed a new method for the analysis of Cryptosporidium, highlighting an excellent example of cross-functional teamwork.

new test for testing timesThe new method, which has been endorsed by the South Australian Department of Health, will enable SA Water to better manage risks from Cryptosporidium in our drinking water supplies, as well as ensuring our recycled water is fit for purpose.

The scientific excellence of the work has been acknowledged through its publication and selection as a spotlight article in the prestigious journal Applied & Environmental Microbiology.

Copies of the paper "Integrated Cryptosporidium Assay To Determine Oocyst Density, Infectivity, and Genotype for Risk Assessment of Source and Reuse Water" are available from AWQC, and the abstract is provided below:

"Cryptosporidium monitoring based solely on the quantification of oocyst densities may indicate that drinking water quality does not meet safety guideline values, thereby requiring further investment in water treatment. King et al. (AEM00163-15) describe an integrated assay that determines oocyst density, infectivity, and genotype from a single sample concentrate. This assay, which was validated using a variety of source and wastewater matrices, should enable a more comprehensive understanding of Cryptosporidium risk for different water sources, assisting in the selection of appropriate risk mitigation measures."

Source: Lionel Ho, Research & Innovation Services, Australian Water Quality Centre

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