AWQC pilots new in-vehicle safety system

AWQC’s sampling team has commenced piloting the new Field Worker Safety Program’s in-vehicle safety system with five vehicles (and seven employees) from AWQC’s field team participating in a thorough eight-week testing of the system and processes.

We are testing the system’s ability to transmit safety alerts from five vehicles (including one satellite device) as well as the monitoring responsibilities of SA Water’s Operation Control Centre (OCC).

Part 1, which kicked off on 4 December, involves AWQC and the project team testing system installation, data transmission and data test cases.

Part 2, due to commence 8 January, will bring the OCC on board to test the alert process monitoring and management.

The addition of new 24/7 people support responsibilities in the OCC supports the wider move towards more integrated operational control for the business. These additional system monitoring and control duties bring benefit to our business and ultimately our customers.

The in-vehicle safety system allows us to better ensure the safety of our sampling and field staff, who are frequently working in remote and isolated areas. We’ll have real-time awareness if an accident has occurred so we can escalate and respond appropriately—the technology itself is very impressive and gives field personnel peace of mind knowing that safety support is available to them.

The new system means as well as being a 24/7 business for our customers, we can maintain streamlined, centralised 24/7 safety coverage for our people, ensuring together we deliver safely every day. 

AWQC’s Manager Field Services Maz Ghamrawi said the training was a good introduction to the in-vehicle safety system.

"The team sees the benefits of the technology, and we also had feedback and suggested ideas on improvements to alerts that we can test during the pilot – the next few weeks will be a good learning curve and we're looking forward to seeing how this technology can assist in driver safety," Maz said.

Field Worker Safety Project team members

Photo: Field Worker Safety Project team members