Water Industry Operators Association branch meeting

In November Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) attended the Water Industry Operators Association branch meeting in Tasmania at the Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant.

The theme of the day was ‘Taste and Odours in Drinking Water’ with presentations on detection, causes and treatment. The AWQC provided information on its capabilities and services to support water utilities in the and management of taste and odours in drinking water. A small session was given on customer detection levels of MIB and Geosmin with all present able to taste and smell the water at ADWG levels and above. Pictured is Lorraine Bulbeck (Manager Customer & Business Development) conducting a taste test with Darren Lord, Frances Smith and Mark Abela to see how well they were ‘calibrated’ for taste and odour for MIB and Geosmin in water.

WIOA Branch Meeting